Hours: Every day from 10:00–21:00. | Location: Ülemiste Keskuse 2. korrus, Suur-Sõjamäe 4, Tallinn
Hours: Every day from 10:00–21:00.
Location: Ülemiste Keskuse 2. korrus, Suur-Sõjamäe 4, Tallinn

Welcome to Lennumaa!

Lennumaa is an exciting indoor play centre situated in Tallinn, on the second floor of Ülemiste Centre. In addition to a children’s playground, Lennumaa has three different birthday rooms in which to organize children’s birthdays. Every room is different in its own way, which makes arranging birthdays especially exciting. Everyone will find something suitable!

  • 6-lane wave slide
  • Ball pit
  • Labyrinth
  • Climbing area 
  • Climbing area suitable for infants, who are already crawling
 visitors per month
 birthdays held
 square meters of playing space 
Birthday activities

Prices for Lennumaa are as follows:

Child > 1y
30 min5.50€
1 hour7€
2 hours9€
Day ticket11€
5x Päevapilet45€
Exceeded hour4€

Ületatud KUNI 1 tund tuleb tasuda juurde iga lapse eest 4 euri.

Our birthday rooms:

We have three different birthday rooms in our play centre. Every room has its own theme – find your favourite!

Come travel in the sky just like a real airship captain!
  • Age: 0+
  • Class Size: 40
When having your birthday in the Park Room, you feel just as if you are having a picnic in the park!
  • Age: 0+
  • Class Size: 30
Submarine room is cosy and exciting, and it will lead you to discover the delights of the deep sea!
  • Age: 0+
  • Class Size: 25
Our services

Play centre

We offer a unique chance to become a character of Lennumaa and in doing so, feel like a wizard. Here, with us, you get completely new powers and such equipment that even other known wizards will be surprised. So, let us surprise you. This also applies to adults. We grow and evolve every day and night just like you. If you have a great idea, share it with us, and we will try to do everything in order to make it a reality. We have also not forgotten the parents, who can feel at home. Our service is friendly and professional, and the personnel always give their best.

City camp

Wish to spend a memorable vacation? Contact us about city camp options by e-mail broneering@lennumaa.ee.


We arrange exciting workshops in our play centre every month. Find out more on Facebook or under Events.